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Taffy changes the playback speed of your podcasts without affecting their pitch.

Written in ASP.NET, it's a podcast "proxy" of sorts. It "stretches" the audio of your podcasts automatically before they're downloaded by your podcatcher, so your media player doesn't have to do it.

Here's an example of what Taffy does to your podcast:
Podcast Original Speed Stretched +35%
Area Pie Hole Shut      Listen      Listen

Notice that the speed is changed, but the pitch is not (no chipmunk sound).

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How It Works

Typically, each of your subscribed podcasts has an RSS feed (a URL) that you've put into your podcatcher. Your podcatcher automatically downloads the podcast audio files associated with this RSS feed.

To use Taffy for a podcast, just give your podcatcher a Taffy Feed (this is also a URL) for that podcast instead.

Taffy Feeds change the speed of the podcast's audio (again, maintaining pitch) and serve the results to your podcatcher automatically.

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