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This page displays the podcatchers shown to reliably consume Taffy Feeds (see Known Issues), as well as any relevant instructions. Please do share success or problems with your podcatcher of choice!

BeyondPod for Android

To extend the timeout* for RSS and media files in BeyondPod, follow these steps (written for version 2.2.4):
  1. Open the application menu
  2. Select "More"
  3. Select "About BeyondPod"
  4. Long press on the version number
  5. Select "Advanced Settings"
  6. Select "Connection Timeout"
  7. Specify timeout value (3600 is recommended until you've been using Taffy for a while)
  8. Select "OK"

* Note: Taffy requires that your podcatcher support one very important feature:

Extended Download Timeout

When your podcatcher asks Taffy for podcast data, Taffy has to download RSS and audio files and make modifications to them before serving them to your podcatcher. This takes time. Most podcatchers, by default, aren't patient enough to wait, and they'll tell you that "the request timed out", or "there was no response from the server". In fact, your Taffy server just needs more time to work.

The solution is to "tell" your podcatcher to wait longer. You'll want to customize its "timeout" setting (the amount of time it will wait for a response from the server). The "right" timeout value for you will depend on the processor and network speed of your Taffy server. Be prepared to experiment with your podcatcher's timeout setting when you first start using Taffy.

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